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How is the homeland doing?

Alrai Newspaper | By Ahamd Hassan Azzoabi | 2/6/2012 10:24 PM

“Since you are a journalist and KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE COUNTRY”, a letter addressed to me(1) by an expatriate who says: “for God’s sake I’m an expatriate and I’m craving to know what has become of the Red to dead Sea Canal Project, the Uranium Exploitation Project, the Shale Oil Extraction Project, Wind Energy Activation Project, Al-Disi Water Conveyance / Delivery Project, the Red Sea Desalination Project and Oil Exploration Projects.”


The letter goes on to list the Amman-Zarqa Rail Operation, Ma’an Glass Factory, Jordan Magnesium Project, Jordan Valley Airport and Comprehensive Health Insurance projects, and asks about what has become of the proposed Political Parties’ Law, the latest achievements in political developments, the rate of increment on individual income, reducing inflation levels, economic growth, rescheduling national debts, investment zones, Petra tourism projects, Deir Alla Tomato Paste Factory, Al-Safy Salt Company and last but – not least – removing the WART on my aunt’s husband’s Abu Emad’s, face”.(2)


So far I have no idea of how to answer this young expatriate’s questions – such a young expatriate being overwhelmed with yearning for his homeland, a shortage of sleep, and enthusiasm kindled with love of one’s nation.


Thinking it over, I decided to reply in two lines only: “Dear friend, I’ll start where you have finished. Everything is STILL AS IS. The only achievement is that the wart on your relative’s face has been successfully removed!”



(1)             The list of projects below represents the most important national projects and projects of international-appeal. These projects have been talked about by successive Jordanian governments. Yet, most of them have not been implemented; they are just withdrawn and left in the dark.

(2)            The sarcasm here lies in the ‘wart project’ which is of no public interest, but is personal and insignificant. Yet, it is the only ‘project’ which has been carried out.

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