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Israel not to participate in Jordan’s ‘Eager Lion’ : Momani

 | 26/5/2013 11:31 AM

May 26 (LP) – The Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesman Mohammad Al-Momani said that the Israeli army would not take part in the ‘Eager Lion’ maneuvers which will be held in the Kingdom soon.

Momani said in a press conference held at the Prime Minister House on Sunday afternoon, Israel will not participate in the Eager Lion maneuvers and the names of the participating countries will be announced with full transparency and clarity.

Regarding to a statements Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah about a possible reflection of the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on Jordan, Momani said that Jordan’s institutions are capable of addressing any of it.

Momani stressed that there is no closure for the Jordanian-Syrian border, attributing the reason for the decline of refugees’ entry to the Kingdom to the security situation improving in the province of Daraa.

Moreover, the Minister Momani said that Jordan’s position on the peace process is clear, stressing the need to revive them in accord with all parties.

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